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Notice About Log4j2

We have had some enquires about Kissbox products and the impact of CVE-2021-44228 Apache Log4j2.

We are please to say that this has no bearing on our product range.

Log4j2 has to do with the use of the Apache (web server) library.

This is used in web-sites, cloud services and other online applications.

KissBox does not use Apache and therefore does not affect KissBox products in anyway.


PLEASE NOTE - All support and warranty for the product range is the responsibility of

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Additional Info About The Kissbox Range


General Hardware Manual


Editor Software Manual

DMX1TR Kissbox Protocol

RTP-MIDI Integration guide for Windows and MacOS

RTP-MIDI Integration guide for iOS

Windows RTP-MIDI driver

OpenPLC application note

CAD Drawings

Declaration of Conformity




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