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We are KissBox

We are KissBox

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Kissbox has many uses across the AV and production worlds.

Our products are robust & reliable. We are trusted by indusrty professionals.



“We use KISSBOX for MIDI connection via LAN between stage, monitor and FOH. To avoid using long MIDI cables and have all connections at a central routing point where we are using an ordinary MIDI patchbay.”

Rolf Meurer KRAFTWERK monitor & electronic engineer


“We use 4 of the DMX1TR interfaces in the Les Champs Libres Museum in France. We’re using them with our SolSys Media Player & Control system. When a visitor clicks on the IPAD to launch a video, SolSys sends an IP command to a Crestron processor then Kissbox without any latency.  It's all synchronized with the video and audio seemlessly.”

Erwan Barber Lead Project Manager


“We use Kissbox DMX and MIDI Interfaces. It can be integrated easily!

Using standard protocols to control Art-Net for DMX and RTP-MIDI for the MIDI boxes. We have been using Kissboxes for some years, mostly at big car fairs for Mercedes and Volkswagen. MIDI interfaces control sound consoles and sound effects. DMX interfaces control turntables. No problems or failures ever.”

Dierk Walter Owner V-Control


“The target was to build a complete studio automation system, so it was important to get modules that have the capability to understand different protocols and also the capability of converting those protocols through different interfaces.

These modules give the automation system the capability to control several systems regardless of the interface of each system.  D-Media TV Network are using KissBox MIDI2TR modules as interfaces to connect between AVECO automation system (ASTRA) and ETC Lighting Console.”

Ehab HamzaTechnical Manager Systems Design


“TV 2 Norway has bought about 10 KissBox MIDI2TR devices. They will be used to connect our TV automation system, Viz Mosart, to the light controller “ETC Ion”.

We have earlier used “normal” USB MIDI-interfaces, but they have to be connected directly to the computer and does not work well via KVM-extenders or VDI, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, as we are using a lot of now. The KissBox way of connecting equipment, solved the problem for us in the smoothest way possible!”

Dag Olav Bjørnsen Technical Operations Manager TV2 Norway


“On tour with German rapper CRO we used KissBox to get the TimeCode over the fiber snake to FOH. In order to not carry multiple analog and digital snakes I selected KissBox because I can easily implement it into my existing media network for lighting and video.”

Manfred Nikitser Show Lighting


“We use KissBox MIDI2TR to send MIDI signals to different areas of the venue through our existing show control network, namely, to send MIDI between the sound booth, light booth, video booth, and the flying automation..

The MIDI integration into the network allows us to easily pick and choose by the click of a button where we are sending a specific message without the need for any extra infrastructure.”

Kieran Niemand Symphony of the Seas Head Sound Technician


“We are using the RS2TR to control projectors.

They actually do work. They really do, everyday and rock solid.”

Torbjørn Ljunggren Nationaltheatret Oslo

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