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Did you know ?

Our GPIO CardCage units ( IO3CC and IO8CC ) have 3 other control options besides the KissBox TCP/UDP protocol...


Loading different types of protocols can be used to control  a variety of input and output options with the following GPIO cards :




The standard "out of the box" firmware, allowing TCP or UDP datagram control of the IO3CC and IO8CC.

UDP/TCP-IP Firmware download




If configured to use the ARTNET protocol the IOCC can be used to control the cards with DMX-512. This allows any ARTNET compliant lighting controller or software to control, and receive switching data from, the IOCC.

ARTNET firmware download




Our RTP-MIDI firmware makes it possible to use the IOCC in a MIDI environment. This allows for full control of all the IOCC Input and Output cards trough MIDI soft and hardware devices like musical keyboards and sequencers.

RTP-MIDI Firmware download




This firmware allows the CardCages to interface with MODBUS  over IP environments. This control protocol is commonly used in PLC's and industrial control systems.

MODBUS Firmware download

Our MODBUS implementation is also fully compatible with the OpenPLC software project.

Read OpenPLC application note

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