Kissbox can very easily be integrated with many control system platforms like

Crestron, AMX and QSC Q-Sys.

Often Kissbox is a quicker and more cost effective way to allow control endpoints

right where you need them.

As they just require network with POE you can be connected in no time! 

All products can be rack mounted with the optional DIN rail mounting kit (RM19).

All Kissbox units are supplied with a plastic DIN rail clip as standard.

Here is a collection of useful videos which might answer some questions you have!


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There are many ways to integrate Kissbox !

This short video explains a variety of ways to use Kissbox.

  • Point To Point

  • Point To Software

  • Point To Hardware

All this can be achived using standard network hardware.

Kissbox is 'The Network Answer'

Want to connect an iPad to a Kissbox MIDI device ? 

The tutorial shows how to use a KissBox MIDI2TR interface as a relay between a MIDI application running on the iPad and a MIDI setup, giving back to the iPad its main wireless feature. The solution is working with all existing MIDI application running on the iPad, as soon as the application is using CoreMIDI (which is part of iOS since version 4.2).

The other advantage of the described setup is that no computer is involved in the communication process (the computer is used only for configuration), since the KissBox MIDI2TR is a RTP-MIDI session initiator.

The tutorial proves that the use of IP based communication is far from being complex to configure. It also shows that the use of standard IP communication allows to run MIDI over Ethernet/WiFi without requiring special administrator rights on the iPad.

Want to mount your Kissbox devices? Heres how . . .

All Kissbox devices, (with the exception of the CM-MIDI2) come with a DIN rail mounting clip to fit any standard DIN mounting rail.


For rack mounting solutions, KIssbox can supply a 19" rack mount tray to house a number of devices.

Need to factory reset you Kissbox device ?

Resoring your Kissbox device simple.

This video shows you what you need to know!