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IO3CC 3 Slot I/O Card Cage

The KissBox IO3CC CardCage can hold up to 3 standard Kiss-Box I/O-Cards thus allowing control over up to 24 IO points. Input signals received on input cards will be translated to Ethernet UDP/IP or TCP/IP packets and send out over the network. Received Network messages translated to output signals on the selected output cards. Any compliant 3th party software can be used to process these messages and thus “read” or “write” standard in and outputs (like relays, contact-closures, analog signals) via a standard Ethernet network. A range of I/O cards is available.

If configured to use the Artnet protocol the IO3CC CardCage can be used to control the cards with DMX-512. This allow any Artnet compliant lighting controller or software to control and receive switching data from the IO3CC.

Our RTP-MIDI firmware makes it possible to use the IO3CC in a MIDI environment. This allows for full control of all the IO3CC Input and Output cards trough MIDI soft and hardware devices like musical keyboards and sequencers.



IO3CC 3 Slot I/O Card Cage

Excluding VAT
    • 3 slots hold up to 24 versatile in and/or outputs
    • Easy IP (TCP or UDP) control
    • Controllable with DMX-512 over Ethernet. (with Artnet Firmware)
    • Controllable with MIDI over Ethernet. (with RTP-MIDI Firmware)
    • Windows, Mac OS X and Linux compatible
    • Operating power over the network cable.– IEEE 802-3af
    • Ready for the new MMA “HD” protocol
    • Includes DIN rail mounting clip

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