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KISSBOX manufactures of a range of networked AV transceiver interface endpoints




Analogue & Digital IO



  • All Major Control Protocols

  • Built For The AV Industry

  • Robust, Reliable & Trusted

  • Works On Standard IT Networks

  • Minimum & Controlled Latency

  • Power Over Ethernet

  • Quick & Simple To Set Up

  • Integrates With Control Processors

  • DIN Rail Or Wall Mountable

Send & receive control protocal data over an existing standard IT network infastructure to KissBox control endpoints. 

Conveniently made to be wall or DIN-Rail mounted, of robust construction, cost effective and easy to use.

All KissBox devices can be easily used with control processors such as Crestron, AMX and QSC Q-Sys.

Point to Point - Point to Software - Point to Hardware 

The AV & entertainment industry need solutions that enable them to control complex AV networks. KissBox devices do exactly that. 

Theme-Parks - Museums - Live Shows - Movies & TV - Installations - Tours - Studios and much more !

We are KissBox

We are KissBox

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Within the AV & entertainment industry Ethernet is the preferred infrastructure. 

More and more control systems are evolving into network based distributed systems.


Using our Transceivers solutions will simplify the control protocol handling on your network.


Kissbox provides flexible solutions to transmit & receive control protocol-data like MIDI, DMX, RS232/422/485, LTC-Timecode, Contact-Closure, Analogue Control-voltage and more, over standard Ethernet networks, with minimum and controlled latency.

KissBox allows the set up of a distributed control network, utilising standard “off the shelf” Ethernet infrastructures.

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