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TC2TR LTC & MTC/MIDI Transceiver

The KissBox TC2TR Transceiver allows you to use a standard Ethernet network to distribute Smpte LTC Time-code and MTC Midi Time-code to any part of your system.

You can configure a TC2TR to behave as a standard Time-code and MIDI interface for a Computer  running Windows or OS X. Although connected trough the IP network, software running on your PC or Mac will “see” the TC2TR as a local MIDI interface, compatible with any existing MIDI application.

The TC2TR basically uses the RTP-MIDI network protocol to send and receive data over the network. RTP-MIDI is an open standard, which is natively supported by Mac OS X (no driver to install), and for which a free driver is available for Windows (XP to Win8, 32 and 64 bits). Computers running Linux OS or any special software or controller not capable of handling the RTP-MIDI protocol can utilize a direct UDP packet handling option.

Multiple TC2TR units can distribute Time-Code between them, and/or interface with controllers on the network.



TC2TR LTC & MTC/MIDI Transceiver

Excluding VAT
    • Sends and receives Smpte LTC Time-code and MTC Midi Time-code over Ethernet.
    • Reads and writes EBU/Smpte LTC at 30 – 29.97 – 25 – 24 fps
    • RTP – real-time MIDI
    • Controlled latency < 900 μs
    • Windows, Mac OS X and Linux compatible
    • Acts as standard MIDI / Smpte interface.
    • Peer-to-Peer Time-code transmission
    • Operating power over the network cable.– IEEE 802-3af
    • Ready for the new MMA “HD” protocol
    • Includes DIN rail mounting clip
    • Dimensions (WxHxD) : 86mm x 86 mm x 56mm / 3,38’’ x 3,38’’ x 2.2’’
    • Rack Space Required : 2U
    • Weight : 0.359 Kg / 0.791 Lbs
    • Power Supply : POE – EEE802.3af / 15W / 48V
    • Power Consumption : 3W (Max.)
    • Heat dissipation : 7 BTU
    • Operating Temperature : 0°C ~ +55°C / +32°F ~ +131°F / 10% ~ 90% / non-condensing

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