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MIDI2TR Dual MIDI Transceiver

The KissBox Dual MIDI Transceiver allows you to use a standard Ethernet IP network to send the MIDI protocol to any part of your system.

You can configure a MIDI2TR to behave as a MIDI interface for a Computer  running Windows or OSX. Although connected trough the IP network, software running on your PC or Mac will “see” the MIDI2TR as a local MIDI interface, compatible with any existing MIDI application.

Multiple MIDI2TR units can distribute data between them, and/or interface with controllers on the network. A single MIDI2TR can receive and merge the control data of up to 8 different controllers, computers or other MIDI2TR units at the same time. Midi data can be send via WiFi interfaces and to iOS devices.

The MIDI2TR standardly uses the RTP-MIDI network protocol to send and receive data over the network. RTP-MIDI is an open standard, which is natively supported by Mac OSX (no driver to install), and for which a free driver is available for Windows (XP to Win8, 32 and 64 bits). Because the MIDI2TR also makes use of the Bonjour standard, setup and configuration is minimal. Computers running Linux OS or any special software or controller not capable of handling the RTP-MIDI protocol can utilize our optional UDP firmware which allows for direct UDP packet handling.

When used with the RTP-MIDI firmware the MID2TR is compatible with iOS devices over WiFi, without the need of using a computer as a bridge.The MIDI2TR is seen as a standard MIDI interface on iPhone and iPad, compatible with any existing MIDI application.



MIDI2TR Dual MIDI Transceiver

Excluding VAT
    • Two independent MIDI IN/MIDI OUT ports.
    • Fully supports the MIDI-RTP standard.
    • No driver required (MAC OSX ), free driver available for Windows.
    • Simple set-up using the Bonjour protocol.
    • “Session initiator” functionality, for peer to peer application with iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) over WiFi
    • Multi-session with full merging of up to 8 simultaneous clients.
    • Sync accuracy : 0.1 millisecond ( RTP ).
    • Direct UDP-IP and Peer-To-Peer mode supported.
    • Operating power over the network cable. IEEE 802-3af ( PoE )
    • Ready for the new MMA “HD” protocol.
    • Includes DIN rail mounting clip
    • Dimensions (WxHxD) : 86mm x 86 mm x 56mm / 3,38’’ x 3,38’’ x 2.2’’
    • Rack Space Required : 2U
    • Weight : 0.333 Kg / 0.734 Lbs
    • Power Supply : POE – EEE802.3af / 15W / 48V
    • Power Consumption : 3W (Max.)
    • Heat dissipation : 7 BTU
    • Operating Temperature : 0°C ~ +55°C / +32°F ~ +131°F / 10% ~ 90% / non-condensing

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